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The Starport Knowledge Base

Welcome to The Starport's Wiki! This place is a global repository of technical and modding knowledge on the topic of Freelancer. We're more than happy to take contributions. This wiki runs on Docusaurus and is auto-built from Github when changes are made. You can make contributions via Pull Requests to this repository.

There is also a channel on the Starport Discord server (#knowledge-base) for general discussion of wiki-related topics.

Modding Reference Resources

Information relating to file structures, ini types and the inner workings of Freelancer. These links do not contain specific tutorials but are extremely useful as a point of reference when modding.

File Structures

Information on file structures found in Freelancer. For specific INI block structures, please see INI Editing.

FL Binaries

Information related to Freelancer's binaries including information on debugging crash offsets, modifying the behavior of the executable files, and shortcut switches that can be used with Freelancer and FLServer:

INI Editing

Information on all the different ini types found in Freelancer, what their keys mean, and how to edit them and example vanilla files to template from.

Modding Guides and Tutorials

There are currently no tutorial style articles on this wiki, but they will be listed under this heading when we either write or port some!

Lore Overview

Freelancer is rich in lore and the following pages contain rumours, news and other text from the game to give a quick overview.

Lore Index