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If you have any problems getting the game running or would like modding support, we're right here on the Official Starport Discord

Downloading Freelancer (if you don't have a CD-Rom)

  1. Download the 7zip archive from
  2. Extract the archive
  3. Run Setup.exe and follow the installation wizard.

Windows can sometimes flag this as a false positive. To verify the integrity of the download, here are the hashes:

MD5:    1c04ae1754575f89cc71dfcf2a62d7b7
SHA1: 49444097418576f59b230c64b09fc5ab593a8c87
SHA256: 35fa74d1a8c7c5682d8cca46aa7fefb3327bef44aa606f904fe4b74654256bc1
SHA512: 1ad4482d3cf48d6f408f16360c5f41d20bbda3aa46d0e1be6edc7e68c4be097a0eb8063e1b0224837b23c9831759104910e8b64c35067b6b7fd0d5a85a702d0b

Freelancer: HD Edition (1.1, JFLP, No-CD, HD textures and more) - Option 1

  1. Download the latest FreelancerHDSetup.exe from
  2. Open the setup file and read the instructions on-screen carefully

Note: This includes all the files contained in Option 2 (below). Use the 2nd option if you don't want HD Textures + Enchancements.

Vanilla Patch (Combined 1.1, JFLP, No-CD) - Option 2

  1. Download the self extracting zip:
  2. Extract to your Freelancer installation e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Freelancer

You will need to right click and "Run as Admin" for the patch if installing to Program Files. We never reccomend installing the game to the default location in Program files unless you have a very specific reason to.

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