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    omg! I really like your ship. She’s a junky beauty. lol 😄

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    Part 8: Finale

    McKay and Zelenka are working in the generator room of the Novara with sparks flying around them when Paul Sully’s voice crackles over the radio.

    Paul Sully: How’s that installation going boys?

    McKay: I’m working as fast as I can, alright?! It’s worse because Radek here keeps getting things wrong. Zelenka replies in Czech

    Back on the Bridge, Paul Sully stumbles back to his seat, and swears under his breath

    Samantha Wiley: Is it almost ready?

    Paul Sully: It’s not looking good, if only the Admiral could get here faster…

    Terrance Bradley: Captain, we’re detecting several more 'Kavash cruisers entering orbit!

    Samantha Wiley: Shit.

    Samantha Wiley: Status of our shields, Commander?

    Paul Sully: They’re gone, another hit and we’re goners! Suddenly the shuddering stops and the look out the window to see the Centurion blocking the Novara with their shield

    Samantha Wiley: She sighs a deep sigh of gratitude Thanks, Callum.

    Callum Sully: Anytime, just get Rodney to hurry up with that shield!

    Terrance Bradley: Captain, we’re picking up Admiral King in system, he’s… Before he could finish King’s ship jumps in next to them.

    Admiral King: Here she is, Captain.

    Samantha Wiley: It’s good to see ya, Admiral.

    Paul Sully: Great timing sir!

    Paul Sully: Seriously, what is it with you Admirals and great timing today?

    Admiral King: I’m deploying the device, um… what exactly does it do?

    Callum Sully: You’ll see.

    King fires the device at the furthest firing ship. The firing ceases, and strange lights bounce off of the shields. In a matter of seconds, the shield is depleted, and the Hull is cracked open, sending a shock wave through the nearest 2 ships to it, and they blew up instantaneously.

    McKay: Wow…

    Samantha Wiley: I think it worked better than you expected, McKay?

    McKay: Well, I never actually saw it work on a active shield before, we only had the one we were storing on Manhattan, and it’s shields died years ago…

    Callum Sully: Just be careful how many of those things you fire King, we only have about 29 shots left now.

    Samantha Wiley: Let’s work our way into the atmosphere then, Lieutenant Terrance, target the nearest cruiser and fire.

    Terrance Bradley: Aye aye, Captain.

    McKay: Oh, Paul, we have the, um, the Armor installed into the Novara’s systems.

    Samantha Wiley: Perfect, activate the Ablative armor!

    All of a sudden the Novara was being covered by a weird looking, thick armor, it covered the entire ship, protecting them from enemy fire.

    Terrance Bradley: Incoming torpedo! Boom It… bounced off our armor, and exploding upon contact with a asteroid.

    Samantha Wiley: ETA till we enter the atmosphere?

    Terrance Bradley: Two minutes.

    Man: A voice crackles over from the Centurion I’ve picked up Admiral Fullen’s life signs on the planet!

    Callum Sully: Great, try to beam him up! Crap.

    Samantha Wiley: I’ve detected it too. There is a deposit of Makarsite on the planet, it’s blocking all transporters.

    Callum Sully: Looks like it’s a fight to the surface then. See you then, Sully out.

    Samantha Wiley: Understood, let’s do it.

    Terrance Bradley: 98 Kilometers till we reach the surface!

    Terrance Bradley: 97.5.

    Samantha Wiley: Can we go any faster?

    McKay: No

    Samantha Wiley: Damn.

    Zelenka: The engines were damaged before we managed to get the armour working, and we’re already over taxing them going this fast.

    Ten minutes later

    Terrance Bradley: Captain, the surface is in viewing range.

    Samantha Wiley: Onscreen.

    Terrance Bradley: It’s 26 Kilometers away, ma’am.

    Terrance Bradley: The ship shudders hardly Shit, Captain we’ve just lost all propulsion! We’re freefalling!

    Paul Sully: Fire up afterburners!

    Terrance Bradley: They’re not working!

    Paul Sully: Crap.

    Samantha Wiley: Admiral Sully! We’re in freefall!

    Callum Sully: Okay, I’m on my way, get as much of the crew that is not needed to help me land her into as big a group as possible, so the the Centurion can beam them to safety… I should only need you Paul, Sam, and Terrance.

    Samantha Wiley: Paul, go round up the crew, we don’t have much time!

    Moments later, Paige Maybourne, Callum Sully, and two of the Rapscallion were standing in the Bridge.

    Samantha Wiley: Welcome to the bridge, Admiral.

    Callum Sully: No time, no time.

    Terrance Bradley: The helm is yours.

    He gets up, allowing the Admiral sit down.

    Callum Sully: Paige, you take navigation, Rapscallion, get down to engineering, see if you can fire them up. Terrance, I need you to take the co-pilot seat, Paul, take weapons, blast any trees/rock/rubble etc, out of the way and Sam, I need you to overlook engine progress from here.

    Samantha Wiley: Roger.

    She sits down in her seat, pulls up a console in her armrest, and looks at the engine readings

    Callum Sully: I’m going to have to manually take this baby in. Without killing us, or anyone on the planet. And preferably not damaging the ship too much…

    Paul Sully: No Pressure then?

    Callum Sully: Callum’s chuckle is dry Thanks for that bit of humor there Paul, but I need absolute concentration here.

    Samantha Wiley: The Rapscallion has just entered Main engineering.

    Samantha Wiley: He reports that he’s working on getting the engine online, but it’s heavily damaged.

    Callum Sully: Callum enters several commands into his console. We’re coming in too fast… Paige, how much more airspace do we have?

    Paige Maybourne: 15k, and declining more and more rapidly.

    Samantha Wiley: Are you sure you can land this thing, in one piece?

    Callum Sully: Land it? Yes. In one peice? Well, that’s something completely different.

    Samantha Wiley: Engineering reports progress, but not enough!

    Callum Sully: Tell him to try and slow the speed if he can

    Callum Sully: Frick, Frick, Frick, Frick, Frick, Frick, Frick, Frick! Too fast, too fast!

    Terrance Bradley: Our hull is burning up!

    Callum Sully: Paul, blasting would be good right about now.

    Paul Sully: Roger.

    Paige Maybourne: 5k!!

    Samantha Wiley: All hands brace for impact!


    Callum Sully: Please don’t say-

    Samantha Wiley: Engineering reports engines online! Only maneuvering thrusters.

    Callum Sully: Firing maneuvering thrusters… dammit, not slow enough!

    Paige Maybourne: Impact in, 5.

    Paige Maybourne: 3

    Samantha grabs her seat tightly.

    Callum Sully: Everyone hold on tight!

    Paige Maybourne: 1!

    Samantha Wiley: Ughh…
    Samantha’s eyes, open, she was laying on the floor of the bridge, Paul’s face staring into hers as he helps her up.

    Paige Maybourne: Errgggh…

    Callum stirs and looks around to see Paul helping Samantha up.

    Callum Sully: Everyone report.

    Samantha Wiley: I feel like I broke a few bones but I’m alright.

    Paul Sully: I’m good.

    Callum Sully: Terrance? Rapscallion?

    Rapscallion Engineers: Ssssshhh…

    Samantha Wiley: Uh oh.

    Laying on the floor was a still Terrance

    Samantha checks for a pulse…

    Samantha Wiley: He’s… dead.

    Samantha Wiley: Callum… cough You do know now you owe me a new ship?

    Callum Sully: Callum chuckles Hey, I got you down here alive didn’t I?

    She laughs and helps up other crew members on the bridge.

    Samantha Wiley: Where did you detect Eric’s lifesigns?

    Callum Sully: Uhhh, they were just… checks a portable nav-map he saw on the floor near Paige Ah.

    Samantha Wiley: What?

    Callum Sully: I’m now picking up two lifesigns…

    Samantha Wiley: Two?

    Callum Sully: Right in front of us.

    Samantha Wiley: Can we get the viewscreen online?

    Paul Sully: Negative, there’s no power to any of the ships systems.

    Samantha Wiley: Shit. We’ll just have to go out and look ourselves. There should be a airlock around here somewhere… Ah, here. She opens the airlock

    A gust of hot arid air floats into the bridge and flushes over everybody’s faces.

    Samantha Wiley: How can the Dom’Kavash stand that?

    She jumps out of the airlock and onto the surface.

    Paul Sully: coughs I have no idea, but it’s better than in here that’s for certain… It smells of… death… in here… * he avoids looking at Terrance as he climbs out the airlock.*

    Samantha Wiley: Callum, can you lead us to the lifesigns?

    Callum and Paige follow suit as a small fighter approached them. It landed and Cal’Kosh and Nom’val departed from it.

    Callum Sully: I don’t need to lead us to them, they’re coming to us…


    Just then a 'Kavash came around the corner, Eric in his grip, a pistol to his head
    Callum Sully: Crap.

    K’Yal: Make one move and he’s dead.

    Samantha Wiley: Let him go, K’Yal.

    K’Yal: Never.

    Cal’Kosh and Nom’val both start hissing at the sight of K’Yal

    K’Yal: Why the hell are you 'Kavash helping them?!

    Callum Sully: Let him go, or you’ll be blasted where you stand!

    K’Yal: Kill me and he dies as well.

    Cal’Kosh: Remember K’Yal, thousands of years ago, in a different galaxy, far away from here.

    K’Yal: Cal’Kosh?

    Cal’Kosh: That’s right brother. It’s time I had my revenge, don’t you think? He draws a pistol. Nom’val does the same. You see, my creations are so much more than yours ever were.

    K’Yal: Don’t you dare get close to me, Cal’Kosh. I’m not afraid to kill you and this human.

    Callum Sully: Don’t do it Cal’kosh. he turns to K’Yal Your armies have fallen, you have lost your fleets, you are the last of your kind, give it up.

    K’Yal: While I live, the Empire does too.

    The Renegade edges forward

    K’Yal: Don’t test me, Cal’Kosh!

    Cal’Kosh: Well, we will soon put an end to that then. he shoots, and Nom’val follows suit. K’Yal’s finger falls on the trigger as he is shot by the two bullets.

    The gun in K’Yal’s hand goes off, drilling a large hole in Eric’s head, Eric screams just before dying.

    Samantha & Callum (Unison): NOOO!!!

    Callum runs up to K’Yal’s body.

    Callum Sully: YOU! thump BASTERD! another thump is heard

    Callum Sully: YOU! CRACK KILLED! crack ERIC! smash

    Cal’kosh is killed by Callum, smashing his head in, and Nom’val is shot by Samantha before he can react.

    Samantha Wiley: He’s… dead.

    She sits down, her eyes drifting off into space

    Paul stands there, his eyes unbelieving, Paige’s eyes start to well up and Callum stands there, purple blood dripping from his hands.

    Meanwhile on Alpine Outpost, Troi, out of nowhere, starts crying.

    Samantha Wiley: Samantha turned her head to Callum No-… Now what?

    Callum Sully: Now? Well, we give him and Terrance memorial services, Paul takes command at Alpine, then we all go back to our daily lives.

    Callum Sully: Callum steps up to the microphone and stares out at the mix of clothes and uniforms, the tears and the mournful faces, and starts his speech We recently fought a battle, and a war. We won the battle, and won the war, but we lost valuable people in the process. He reads out a long list of 236 names before reaching the bottom. And last, but certainly not least, Terrance Bradley and Eric Fullen. I hold myself completely responsible for Terrance’s death, I was the one who ordered he stay on board of the Novara to help with the final descent, and it was me who couldn’t slow the ship down enough. Me who killed him. Not the Rapscallion who couldn’t get the engines working. Not Captain Samantha Wiley or the recently promoted, Admiral Paul Sully, who helped in the descent, and were in charge of the Novara, but me. And Eric Fullen, a hero in his own right. He allowed the Kavash formerly known as K’Yal to take him instead of Captain Wiley when he knew full well what would probably be at stake. We have a toast in remembrance to these 238 GM Men and Women who died to preserve the future for our children, and our children’s children, and our children’s children’s children. To them! Raises a glass from a table beside him

    No one notices a hooded stranger lean over the casket and touch Eric’s left hand with an object he swiftly replaces back into the fodls of his cloak

    Samantha then steps forward to the mic.

    Samantha Wiley: I know I haven’t known Eric for very long, but he’s been a inspiration for me ever since I joined the Militia. I truly believe he will be missed; he was the greatest person to command Alpine Outpost and the Militia itself in over a hundred years. Terrance, I knew him for years, greatest helmsman I’ve ever had. I don’t think I could ever replace him, no one could. For what it’s worth, Eric and Terrance were heroes of the battlefield, of a war that ravaged the world we know today, if it wasn’t for them, we would all be dead right now, or slaves to the Empire. I am honored to have fought beside them, and to even know them. Troi is one of the luckiest women in the sector to have Eric, and now, he’s gone. I’m so sorry for your loss, Troi. We’re all here to help you through your loss. She steps down from the mic, as she returns to her seat, a tear dropped out of her eye, rolling down into nothing.

    Idk about you guys, but making this final piece for this part, was very emotional, I felt like I was killing off a part of me because I’ve been using that character ever since I started the GM series (Beginnings) in June/July this year. I hope you enjoyed, more will be coming soon, we’re currently working on Vanguard (which has 3 parts to it as of this post) I will post it when it comes close to it’s finale. Thanks for reading this far, :).

    -Shadow Viper aka. Maelstrom, Kainz, ect.

  • Galactic Militia: Beginnings

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    *Eric runs into the hanger, seeing Callum working on the Bowen

    Eric Fullen: Callum!

    *Callum looks up from a mess of wires and wipes oil off of his hands onto his sweats when he sees Eric.

    Callum Sully: Something wrong, sir?

    Eric Fullen: It’s time for Reaper, Admiral.

    *Callum looks down at the Bowen.

    Callum Sully: Give me… 1 hour, sir. The Bowen’ll be battle ready by then.

    Eric Fullen: Alright, I’m gonna get the team ready.

    *Eric runs off to meet Field Marshal William Crusher and the marines for the ground attack.

    One hour later…

    *Callum is changed from his sweats into his uniform, and is giving the Bowen’s cockpit a quick polish when Eric walks into the hanger.

    Eric Fullen: Callum, how’s the Bowen?

    Callum Sully: I reckon she could take on our best pilots right now sir… With a semi-decent pilot that is.

    Eric Fullen: Aye aye.

    Callum Sully: Think we’re taking enough troops sir? indicates at the large number of troops pouring into the transports

    Eric Fullen: The Outcassts are dangerous enough as it is, might as well come prepared.

    Callum Sully: Sir, I think it would be better if Paige and I took a squadron of fighters ahead of the others, just to make sure there isn’t an ambush waiting for us…

    Eric Fullen: Yes, I was thinking that… Go ahead and get going, I’ve got… some things to do before I leave.

    *Callum peers at Eric suspiciously before saluting and walking off to find Paige in the throng of pilots and marines.

    *Eric turns around and heads back into Alpine. He appears in the Medical Bay.

    *Ember and Troi were working on something as he walked in.

    *Troi turns around and sees Eric.

    Troi: Eric?

    Eric Fullen: We’re about to leave.

    Troi: Understood. She gives a little smile, although her face clearly says she’s worried.

    Eric Fullen: Not to worry, we’ll be coming back. Wish me luck.

    *Eric Fullen smiles.

    *Troi comes over and kisses him on the cheek.

    *The radio crackles

    *Callum can be heard over the crackling.

    *Eric grabs his radio as Callum was coming in.

    Callum Sully: Admiral Fullen, come in…

    Eric Fullen: Eric here.

    Callum Sully: Eric, we have a problem.

    Eric Fullen: What is it??

    Callum Sully: There’s been a little shoot out down here, one of the marines and Paige had a little… Disagreement.

    Eric Fullen: Anyone injured?

    Callum Sully: The marine received two blasts to his right leg, but is stabilized, and Paige has a blast on her right side, and she also managed to, er, “snag” her left leg on a piece of scrap metal.

    Ember: I’m on it.

    *Ember and Troi grab two stretchers and head for the elevator.

    Callum Sully: She’s losing a lot of blood, though I seem to have been able to stem it for now.

    Eric Fullen: Alrighty, Ember and Troi are heading down to help, shall we wait for Paige to recover?

    Callum Sully: Negative sir, this operation needs to go ahead as planned… I’ll take Matt instead.

    Eric Fullen: Alright, I’ll meet you in space, Callum.

    *Callum sighs, coming out as a burst of static on Eric’s end.

    Callum Sully: See you in space sir.

    *Eric heads down to the hanger and gets in his Eagle, the Maelstrom.

    *In the hanger, Callum is still waiting for Matt as the last transport leaves.

    Callum Sully: Dammit, where the hell is he? He starts tapping his foot impatiently, then hears hurried footsteps behind him. Callum turns around to see Matt running towards him

    Callum Sully: Took your sweet time. He chucks Matt a helmet Now get your arse into space, before I fry it…

    Matt: Yessir. He jumps into his ship, taking off quickly

    *Callum waits for the last pilot to leave the hanger before pre-flight checks and taking off.

    *As Callum starts his engines, they choke twice and die.

    Callum Sully: Shit.

    *Callum Sully kicks the bottom of the ship and the engines start up again.

    Callum Sully: Thank you, you piece of junk. Callum flies out of the hanger, and meets up with the rest of the convoy

    *Eric Fullen sees Callum and Matt’s ships enter the thermosphere of the planet.

    Eric Fullen: What took so long?

    Callum Sully: A little engine trouble, nothing major.

    Eric Fullen: Alright, all ships, set a course for Omicron Alpha.

    30 Minutes later…

    The ships come out on the other side of the jumphole, Callum and Eric leading a pack of fighters ahead of the transports.

    Eric Fullen: All fighters, check in.

    Pilot: This is Sabre-1, systems are go.

    Matt: I’m ready.

    *One after the other, the rest of the fighters checked in before Matt noticed something on his long range scanner.

    Matt: Err, sir, we have a problem.

    Eric Fullen: Report.

    Matt: 3 ships - Wait, 5 ships - No, 8 fighters and 3 Osiris class battleships heading right for us.

    Eric Fullen: Shit.

    Eric Fullen: All ships, RED ALERT!

    Callum Sully: Focus your attacks on the fighters, but stay below and behind the Battleships as much as you can!

    Matt: At least 10 more fighters incoming sir!

    Eric Fullen: Fuck…

    Callum Sully: That’s another one down! Callum’s ecstatic announcement is cut short by a missile heading straight for Matt’s ship

    Callum Sully: Fuck…

    Callum Sully: MATT!

    *Eric turns around and fires at the enemy ship, and at the missile, but missed the missile.

    *Matt’s countermeasures fail to discourage the missile from it’s target.

    Matt: Shit, I knew I should’ve upgraded them…


    Eric Fullen: MATT!

    Callum Sully: Shit…

    Callum Sully: Matt…

    *Callum’s voice drops, and his fire stops as his ship come to a halt in front of Matt’s ship’s remains.

    Callum Sully: They’ll pay…

    Eric Fullen: Callum! You got the battleships after you!

    Callum Sully: Shit.

    Callum Sully: Engaging torpedoes.

    *Just then a battleship decloaked in front of Callum.

    Callum Sully: Shiiit!

    *The missiles bouncing off it’s shields.

    *The G.M.S. Acamar.

    Wilder: This is the Acamar, engaging enemy.

    Eric Fullen: Wilder!

    Callum Sully: Time for my little surprise…

    *Callum’s ship disappears.

    *Just then, torpedoes start firing from every possible direction at the Battleships, including the Acamar.

    Eric Fullen: Callum! Stop firing at the Acamar! That’s my ship!

    *The fire stops once all three Outcasst ships were destroyed, and the Acamar had been disabled… Just then 20 Outcasst fighters decloaked around the Acamar, Eric and the few of the Militia’s pilots left.

    Reaper: You are surrounded.

    Reaper: Disable all weapons.

    Reaper: And eject from your ships. You will be picked up and transported back to Malta.

    Eric Fullen: Fuck you, Reaper.

    Callum Sully: Somehow, I don’t think so.

    Callum Sully: Eric, get everyone out of here, this place is going to be one bloody mess in a minute.

    Eric Fullen: Roger, everyone back out of the system!

    Wilder: Roger, retreating.

    *A minute after clearing the area, 5 Nomad fighters come into scanner range.

    Callum Sully: Just a little closer…

    *Reaper’s ship is the first to go, and a satisfied Callum retreated, but not before tractoring something into his cargo-bay.

    Callum Sully: Admiral, do you read me?

    Eric Fullen: Yeah, barely.

    Callum Sully: Sorry, my long-range communicator was damaged in the battle, I’m on Vespus right now, and I have a present for you.

    Eric Fullen: Aye, I’m on my way.

    *Eric heads for Vespus and lands on a small platform that was on the surface, next to Callum’s ship.

    *Callum pushes what appears to be a humanoid form out towards Eric’s ship.

    *Eric exits the ship and peers at the form next to Callum.

    *It was…

    Callum Sully: Stand up straight scum!

    *The spotlight of Eric’s eagle flashed across a very bloody and bashed face, that belonged to none other, than Reaper.

    Eric Fullen: Hello again, Reaper.

    *Reaper spits at Eric’s feet which earns hit a smack across the head from Callum’s pistol.

    Eric Fullen: Don’t try me, Reaper. Now your on the other side of the tables.

    Reaper: The Outcassts wont stand for this. They’ll find a new leader, someone just as good as me.

    Reaper: You’re fighters were so easy to kill, just like that one near the start.

    Reaper: What was his name?

    Reaper: Matt?

    *Callum’s face changes in a split second, from anger, to hate.

    *Callum grabs Reaper, spinning him round and punched him, again and again around the face.

    Eric Fullen: Callum, hold him up.

    *Callum Sully continues the beating, ignoring Eric.

    *Eric grabs a flashbang and throws it. Blinding light went into both Callum and Reaper’s faces, stunning them.

    Callum Sully: Shit, what the hell?!

    Eric Fullen: I told you to stop.

    Callum Sully: Eric…

    Callum Sully: You don’t get it do you?

    Callum Sully: He’s the one who killed Matt!

    *Reaper sits up, and spits blood from his mouth.

    Reaper: Heh, trying to be noble.

    Reaper: It wont make her like you more you know…

    Reaper: That little nurse whore back at your base.

    *Eric turned around, took in a deep breath, and in one motion, pulled out his pistol, turned around, and fired a shot into Reaper’s face.

    Eric Fullen: Take that. Bitch.

    *Callum laughs, coughs and then collapses on the ground.

    6 hours later…

    Ember: He’s regaining consciousness.

    Eric Fullen: Good.

    Callum Sully: Whaaa-…?

    *Callum blinks.

    Eric Fullen: Callum.

    Eric Fullen: Welcome back.

    Callum Sully: Where am I? What happened?

    Eric Fullen: We’re back at Alpine, you collapsed after I killed Reaper.

    Callum Sully: Reaper…

    Callum Sully: It all happened then? It was all real?

    Eric Fullen: Yes.

    Callum Sully: And Matt?

    *A sad face on Eric’s face told the entire story.

    *Callum slumps back down on the bed.

    Callum Sully: Matt…

    Eric Fullen: I’m so sorry, Callum.

    *Callum loses consciousness.

    2 days later…

    *Callum is standing on a balcony, the red light of sunset on his grief-stricken face, when Paige limps out to join him.

    Callum Sully: Should you be out and about yet?

    Paige: Ember says as long as I try to rest as much as possible then I can use it.

    *Callum chuckles, the grief leaving his face for the first time since he woke the day before.

    Paige: But what about you? You’re certainly seen better days.

    *Callum sighs.

    Callum Sully: I know… It’s just I can’t get over the fact that Matt is gone…

    Callum Sully: For all his faults, Matt was always there for me.

    Callum Sully: Paul isn’t really my brother, I barely know him, so now it’s like I’m the only one left.

    Paige: It’s okay. she pats him on the back It’ll all be okay.

    *The sky darkens, as Paige and Callum look into each others eyes.

    *They kiss, and as their lips meet, the fireworks go off…

    The End…

    This story is to be continued in two spin-offs of the story, features characters from the Beginnings in them. I believe this story was awesome to write, hope you guys enjoyed it.

  • Freelancer Two: An Idiotic "Screenplay"

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    i like that lol also…



  • Universe of Wars

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    Ch. 10

    “Things have changed since your kidnapping, Jose, Bretonia and Kusari are attacking Rhineland and Liberty targets point-blank. They come out of nowhere, attacking from the shadows, just like pirates, but more clever. We need your help, we believe that the Liberty Rouges are in league with the Bretonia/Kusari Alliance. We need you to take a squad of battleships and Sabres into the Liberty Rouges’s Base here,” he pointed at a nebula I don’t recognize, “and attack it, send a strike force onto the base here,” he points at a hanger bay on the southern side of the asteroid, “Once inside, we need to capture the Queen, which we believe is meeting up with the Liberty Rouge’s leader today, then blow the station up,” Tony finished. I nodded and said.

    “We need to attack immediately, or the Queen will get away.”

    “Absolutely, so, everyone, get ready!” he yelled, we ran out of the briefing room and headed for the Hanger.

  • O'Shanahan's Duty Log

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    //Opening File\

    Was yet another busy day for me. I was still out in Omicron Minor, helpin’ the Order with operations against the Nomads and the Cultist. Order intelligence picked up work of a large Artifact shipment in their possession. The Order planned a sting op against one of their staging points in Unknown system and asked me to come along. We destroyed the Cultist ships and seized the shipment. The Order handed the Artifact to LSF possession so we could further study them. I flew them back to Willard and left 'em with the scientist there.

    After the drop off I was summoned to New York by Naval High Command to report on my activities. I meet with Admiral Tim outside Planet Manhattan and briefed him on LSF activities. Soon after the meetin’ we got reports that West Point Military Academy had picked up Outcast on long range sensors and several Naval patrols had come up missin’. We decided to attempt to retrieve our downed pilots and meet up with a pilot of the 75th Night Rangers, Lieutenant Bogart, to find the wrecks. We were ambushed by Outcasts upon enterin’ the Badlands and began to fight for our lives. Lieutenant Bogart was forced to leave the battle after the first wave for repairs, while Admiral Tim and myself carried on the fight. We were forced to eject.

    Admiral Tim left after the battle to attend several high level conferences while I meet up with a member of the 1st Night Stalkers Fleet, Lieutenant Commander Paladin, to fend off several large waves of Cultists that had launched a raid in Liberty. We also battle several more waves of Outcasts fighters, but we were forced to eject. Paladin left to report to another station and I decided to do some further intelligence gatherin’ missions in Rheinland. I went into Hamburg to gather information on the defenses of the system, especially around the Prison Station, for future 75th Night Rangers raid operations. A Rheinland High Monarchy pilot, who I identified as Brigadegeneral Alek Shonbauer, engaged me just outside Vierlande Prison. During the battle I weakened him to a state that Rheinland pirates destroyed him. Notes for future attacks against the base have been made and can be found in a separate file.

    Still not one to be call it a night I decided to jump in me ‘ol CSV and help out our miners. I hit various fields in Liberty mining Water, Silver, and Gold. Brought in a good haul before callin’ it a night.

  • The Tale of Jason Pavanio

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    Ch. 6

    I ducked just as a laser blast went by where my head had been, I could smell the ozone of the laser blast as it went by. I grabbed his leg, and tripped him, when he hit the ground, I stood up, and kicked him in the head, his head fell down, he was unconscious. I grab his rifle and ran out the door, heading for the exit. I ran into a squad of Outcasts at the exit, I ducked behind a nurse’s desk and fired at them from behind cover, several of them fell down, holding their hand of their new wounds. I shot one that looked like a commander in the head, he fell down, dead as a rock. The others died from their intense wounds then. I got up, and ran out of the “hospital”. I found a Sabre and took off, heading toward the Cambridge Jump Hole…

  • The Great Pirate War

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    Ch. 3

    We came out of the secret Jump gate at 0200 hours, inside the sensor-shorting nebula. We charged our cruise engines and headed for the edge, just inside the nebula, so we don’t show up on radar.

    “OK, everyone, take up visual scanning, just in case they have fighter in the nebula,” I ordered over the comm.

    “Yes, sir,” Knife replied. We were then in the edge, I looked out at a star base, a shipyard, a few weapons platforms, and several fighters and of course, the Nomad Warships. No wonder they’re not moving that much, they’re building they’re army. I thought. Then something happened. The fighters and the Nomad Warships then began to rocket toward us.

    “What the hell?” A12 gasped as the Sabres flew into the nebula.

    “Battle Positions!” I yelled into the comm and jerked my Titan to the right, missing a Sabre’s approach my mere inches. I cut my engine and turned around, then turned the engine on again. I rocketed toward the Sabre, firing Sunslayer Torpedoes, which upon impact, blew the Sabre apart. I turned, just in time to hear the “Missile Incoming.” voice from my ship’s Neural Net. I evade the missile as if it was as slow as a turtle. I turn around and fire Nomad Cannons at it, which made it explode into a ball of gas.

    “There’s too many!” I hear HunterKiller scream, “We need to retreat!”

    “Retreat through the Jump gate!” I yell. I turned the ship and rocketed toward the Jump gate. We went through it together, to reduce the time to escape. We came out in Omicron Theta. How did they detect us? I wish I’ll soon find out…

  • Hispania News Network HNN

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  • Outcast Girls

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  • Freelancer Two: Revolution

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    nice 😛

  • Life Before Freelancer: Shadow Viper

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    "Mr. Viper, you are now allowed to leave the hospital, your ship has been completely fixed and has been tested, it work like new.

    “Thanks, Dr. Johnson.” I say and I begin to walk out of the hospital, I went to the Liberty Security Force HQ. “How’s it going, Jake?” I ask the 2nd in command.

    “Not bad, Viper, oh the boss wants to see ya!” I walk over to General Don’s office. “You need to see me, Don?”

    “Yes, we need you and a group of explorers to search for the other colony ships, we beleive that they colonized in different sectors of Sirius.”

    “So, you want me and a team of explorers to search for some other colonies?” I ask.

    “Precisily,” he said.

    “I’ll get to it right away,” I say and walk out of the office.

  • Freelancer Background Stories

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  • Freelancer: In the Claws of an Idiot

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    **I am sorry for my nine month absence. Its been very hard to think of anything and feel particularly inspired, and eventually the fic kind of drifted into the mists.

    But no more.

    Thanks to everyone whose read this. I will try and come up with ideas and chapters more quickly in the future, although I think I said that last time.

    In any case, sorry again for the wait and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

    Story the Fourth: The Lord, The Lackey, and a Daffodil or Two.**

    As you may remember from chapter two, King was carried off by a passing Rhino after his fall from the LSF building. As it turns out, this started him down a road that would take him far from his homeland and the life that he knew.

    About the same time, Lord Hakkera had returned to Honshu, where all was not well. As it transpired, a gang of fifty odd genetically engineered mountain weasels had descended upon the capitol city and ransacked the planet’s only bank. Lord Edo refused to reimburse the planet, stating that he needed all available credits to fund the construction of Sirius’ largest rubix cube. This would be placed in orbit of New Tokyo in an attempt to both counter the threat of meteor impacts, (and foolish Freelancers who kept buggering into the atmosphere), and also increase tourism.

    The cube was later destroyed by the Hogosha who feared the contamination of foreign devils; also, they detested rubix cubes. There is not one Hogosha alive who can solve one. Before this incident, Hogosha operatives had been known to carry out armed raids on toy shops in which all rubix cubes were seized and shot. It is rumoured that they tried to pass some off as Dom Kovash artifacts, but that’s another story.

    Anyhoo, in an attempt to repair his planet’s economy, Lord Hakkera constructed a quaint florists shop in the capital city. He encouraged others to create similar shops around the planet. No one was overly confident that this would accomplish anything, but they had little else to do so they did their lords bidding.

    Two days after his shop opened, King fell through the roof after the Rhino’s pilot, (who had been delivering a shipment of Colman’s mustard promotional hats to the planet), discovered the hitchhiker on his roof and did a barrel role.

    King, who was somehow none the worse for ware after his short trip through the vacuum or his long fall through the roof, picked himself off of the floor and inquired as to where he was.

    Lord Hakkera was not pleased with this new development, his shop had not had many customers and he was certain that the few people who had come in were snickering at his bright pink apron which he had been told by his tailor was ‘a required garment for florists’.

    However, Hakkera realized that he could make use of the Libertonian half wit, and promising him a free ride home on board a luxury liner in exchange for thirty four years of service, he put King to work, watering the cacti and feeding live voles to the Kyushu fang vines.

    King did these tasks gladly, encouraged by the promise of three servings of lettuce, (a rare commodity), on board the luxury liner which would take him home to his trial and execution, long after he’d have been declared a deserter from the service.

    A few weeks in, a customer entered the shop and requested a dozen suitably pretty flowers to give to his wife for their anniversary. Lord Hakkera was at this time attending a conference about mountain weasel traps. (They didn’t want to be caught out again once they’d sorted the economy out).

    As a result, King was left in charge of the shop. Whilst the customer was gawking at the King shaped hole in the roof, he went to the back and examined the assorted plants.

    The prettiest looking ones he could find were Kurile swamp weeds, which despite the unpleasant sounding name looked quite nice. King removed a dozen of these from the aquarium in which they were kept, let them rinse for a few moments, and then wrapped them and handed them to the customer.

    The thing with swamp weeds however, is that if you don’t keep them in water they shrivel up and release a poisonous gas into the air that can cause eyes to shrink.

    And shrink they did. No sooner had the customer, who shall forever remain nameless, grasped the flowers then his eyes seemed to vanish. In a moment of panic he flailed about the shop, causing havoc and mayhem and inadvertently stepped on one of the three Ripper mines that were clustered in the far corner of the room near the door. (Hakkera had bought these cheap on eBay and planned to drop them on the heads of any who sought refunds.)

    Long story short, BANG! SMASH! WHOOSH! ARGH! shriek Clink, clink, clinkety clnk, sudden halt to all sound effects in the aftermath.

    On second thought let me try that again.

    Long story short, a violent explosion reduced ‘Hakkera’s floral distribution hut’ and sent King flying once more, this time onto the roof of a passing Drone. And thus he sailed off to his next adventure.

    Hakkera, upon his return, was a little upset about his shop being reduced to ashes. Since King was nowhere to be found in the wreckage, he instead ordered a swarm of his loyal servants to take flight and hunt King down. The tale of their hunt shall be told in another um, tale.

    Thus endeth this story.

  • The Science of Sirius:

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    The above posts are a way to explain the features of Freelancer.

    FTL Travel: Character warping(switching ships) , Joining the server(sudden
    appearances in space).

    FTL Communication: Private, Group and System chat.

    Trade Lanes: :roll: The obvious reasons.



    Answer(s) to FAQ:

    When we first started that bit of creative reasoning, I tossed the idea around on a sites dedicated to the ideas of space travel, parallel universes, etc.
    Afterwards Robert and I developed masive migrains pouring over the following.

    String Theory Site
    Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos
    Relativity The Special and General Theory
    The Uncertainty Principle
    Maglev 2000
    The EPR Paradox and Bell’s Inequality Principle
    The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Argument in Quantum Theory
    Stephen Hawking’s page - See also my link on (WHIP)
    Ping Koy Lam - A major milestone toward that impossible dream was achieved last summer by Ping Koy Lam at the Australian National University. He successfully teleported a beam of light. “We cannot teleport matter as yet,” he says. No one claims building a teleportation machine will be easy. What is more important is that no one is saying it will be impossible.(associated links below)
    ANU Quantum Optics
    ScienceWise at ANU - National Institute for Environment - ANU

  • CAF / IVA:

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    The Latin phrase “In-Vitro” means “in an artificial environment outside the living organism.” Thus, “In-Vitro” refers to the group of humans who were not only fertilized outside the womb, but had also gestated in a tank, to be “born” as young adults.

    During the Alliance/Coalition War, the cost in human life was devastatingly high in the civilian population as well as in the military. Terror attacks claimed far too many. Combat and battle claimed even more. Everyday, the losses mounted. Humankind made the decision to increase its numbers artificially, not with the electronic intelligences that were now the enemy but with artificially gestated humans who could become highly skilled soldiers. Government and industry worked together to build a multitude of In-Vitro facilities around the country, facilities where these soldiers could be grown and trained.
    After artificial fertilization, In-Vitros gestate in tanks, with umbilical cords at the base of their necks delivering the nutrients and basics they need as they remain suspended in a sleep state and under accelerated development. After about six years, their physical development is equivalent to a natural-born human at eighteen years of age. When they are “harvested” from the tank and awakened, they have the physical qualities of a fully grown human, but none of the intellectual or emotional attributes. They don’t understand love of self, love of family, love of friends, or love of country. They don’t understand the human world or anything about its society and how it evolved over the millennia. And nothing is done to remedy that deficiency. Instead of receiving any social education, they are indoctrinated into the art of killing.
    Watched daily and trained by Monitors, they are never allowed to question anything. If they do, they are considered “defective” and promptly “erased.” They are never released outside the facility until it is time for them to enter combat. Unfortunately, the production of In-Vitro soldiers was, “too little too late” as the saying goes. The Alliance was defeated and forced to flee into the uncharted reaches of space.

    With the colonization of the Sirius sector, humankind found itself with a population of In-Vitros lacking purpose and reason. A social movement arose to incorporate In-Vitros into human society, to educate and develop them, to cultivate them for labor or possibly even other ventures. In response, there is a palpable backlash against it, as many feel that the In-Vitros (commonly referred to as “NippleNecks” or “Tanks”), were to dangerous to the fledgling governments and were to be placed in cryo-stasis at an undisclosed facility. The last record of In-Vitro use was 80 years ago during the Sigma 13 battle of the failed Imperial Expansion War, after which they simply abandoned their ships and for all intents and purposes …. ceased to exist.

    This was written as a sort of back story to my character.
    As well as a counter point to the CAF.

  • Stories of the Exodus:

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    Sol System: Post Exodus

    Humans call them “Nomads.” No human truly knows what they call themselves, but it served the war effort well to demonize the aliens. When they first appear in the Sol System after the Exodus, the Nomads are humanoid in form and encased entirely in polymorphic armor, a faceless, evil presence we can neither see nor understand. Our reaction to them is simple: they are evil and must be destroyed.
    The first encounter with them was catastrophic. They attacked the Fringe colonies in the night, without provocation, without warning. The colonists had no chance. The attack sparked the Nomad Wars, and before humankind was fully prepared, the Nomads were bearing down on the Solar System. They had routed Earth’s finest combat squadron and were preparing to attack humanity’s home world.
    The enemy seems to know much about humans. It appears that the Nomads have been watching humankind for a long time, perhaps from the television and radio signals beamed into space for over the years. Scientists suggests that the Nomads may already know an early Native American language that is being used as code, perhaps because they gave the Navajo the language. They also know something about English.
    Their technology is superior to human technology in some ways, comparable or even less advanced in others. They are disciplined and even predictable in their combat tactics. It is from the C.A.F. that we hear that the Nomads have been watching Earth for an incredibly long time. These rebel C.A.F.s who have been in league with the Nomads, helping to educate them about Earth cultures and beliefs. All that the humans know is that Nomads fear we may discover something …… something they want hidden.

  • Character Bio

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    Sir Roo Avery

    Name: Roo Avery
    Height: 5:11
    Weight: 170
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Dark brown, shoulder length, normally tied back.

    Head: An old style Kusari Naval officers hat, with black sunglasses.

    Top Half Body: A Bretonian style Tunic, normally stained with coffee. On his left wrist he wears a leather band with a small white design clearly visible.

    Bottom Half: Blue or Black Jeans, normally an old ripped pear, unless working for Royalty or an Admiral. Then the “semi” decent jeans are worn. Large Brown leather boots are worn on feet. Attached to his right boot is a holder for a Ornate knife.


    Roo Avery was born on Freeport 9, 30 years ago. His mother died during the birth and he has no idea who his father is. Roo was taken in by a waitress at Benny’s Bar whom went by the name of Stacey, and was well taken care of.

    He started work at the docking bays at the age of 10. He cleaned out thrusters, did paint jobs, anything to earn him some money. He slowly managed to convince the passing Bounty Hunters, Pirates and Freelancers to teach him more about engines and ship.

    By 14 Roo was well known by the regulars at FP9, and he had many “customers” that would seek out his services when docked. He was a whiz kid at doing custom mods on ships. And was reported to have worked on an experimental ship now commonly known as the “Infiltrator”.

    Roo was bought up around women. His adopted mother was a “lively” woman and would always throw large and wild parties. Roo would always be hiding somewhere to watch the women. His appetite for the company of women goes back to his childhood. He was known for his charm and good looks.

    Whilst working on ships in the docking bays, Roo would listen in on conversations about the Illegal races held in the border worlds. He convinced a passing Freelancer with more money than sense to sponsor him in a race. Roo lost. But by his 4th race he was leading the pack.

    By 16 Roo was a great racer. He would take part in all the Illegal races in Theta and would always walk away with prize funds. Needless to say, at his young age, he did not value money, and his winnings would end up be pissed up the wall.

    But his ego began too grow as he won and continued to win. Eventually he started to make enemies. At 19 Roo ran into trouble whilst recklessly flying through the Border worlds. He was heading back to Freeport 9 after another fantastic victory when a young gang of Corsairs, upset that their leader had lost the race, ambushed him.

    Roo not having an experience in actual combat, was completely overwhelmed.

    His ship was destroyed and he was left drifting in his escape pod with no food or water. He drifted for days, before finally being tractored in by a B-wing with a large K drawn on the side.

    He was rescued by Kaos, the Leader of the KAOS Clan.

    He was taken in by the KAOS clan and was trained by the great Kaos himself. Whilst flying with KAOS, Roo learnt the value of money fast.

    He made money by smuggling Cardamine into Liberty on a daily basis. The Liberty Police could do nothing to stop him. He would slip in and out without detection. He soon had a small fortune stashed away.

    At the age of 22 Roo left the KAOS clan and good friends behind him. Amongst those friends was Stevious Maximus. Another pilot whom joined KAOS in the same week as Roo. Roo and Stevious had trained together. Stevious was the better fighter pilot. But it was Roo who made smuggling look like child’s play.

    As he left Planet Malta he handed Kaos a suitcase, inside the suitcase was 40 Million credits. Money to pay back the man who had saved his life.

    Roo drifted from system to system. At times working aboard freighter ships. Other times as a deck hand on a Battleship or cruisers.

    Whilst enjoying a few well earned drinks in the Bar on Manhattan one night, Roo won it big in a game of craps. Instead of pissing this money up another wall, Roo decided to buy himself a Rhino freighter and try to make some money on his own.

    With the left over winnings Roo hired a young boy called Guy, whom today is still on Roo’s payroll. He also bought a holds worth of stock and launched for space.

    Roo worked as a Trader for a few months, slowly making connections and friends in powerful places. And still doing to odd couple of Cardamine or Artifact runs, just to keep in shape.

    At 28, Roo was spotted by Spectre, the CEO of a new but yet powerful Trade Corporation. Spectre offered Roo a place in SDI as a Transporter. The routes were hazardous and the dangers large, but Roo along with his now good friend Guy, were able to complete all tasks assigned to them.

    SDI didn’t pay too great, but theres always ways to make extra credits in Sirius.

    SDI provided Roo with a sense of security and meaning.

    His list of enemies continued to grow, but so did his list of friends. Working on a diet of Coffee, smokes, women and more coffee Roo was beginning to wear himself out as a mere “Transporter”

    Shortly after his 29th Birthday, Roo got caught up in some mess that he shouldn’t of even known about. He ended up working for individuals that he shouldn’t of even known….

    Roo was eventually forced to leave SDI after being caught mixed up in large scale fraud and smuggling case. He had to seek employment on his own. Working for who ever payed him best, he ran Contraband, killed, and extorted. Occasionally going straight for a short while, Roo would hire himself out to the Great THC working as Border patrol. As his credits slowly rose, people slowly noticed him. One of them being {CDF}Captain_Blake.

    Blake offered Roo a place amongst his merry group of pirates, The Corsair Defence Force.
    Not being a Corsair from birth, Roo struggled to gain respect at first, but slowly people noticed his skills, not in battle, but with diplomacy, accounting, smuggling and most importantly pure piracy!

    Roo would run Artifacts out of Cadiz and into the heart of Bretonia daily. Not able to stop him, Navies and Police tried luring him out with “sting” operations to catch him at drop zones. But Captain Blake and the CDF were always at hand to blast a path for Roo to slip through, make the drop and get back out…

    After a time, there was a mutiny in CDF and many good pilots and Officers were killed. Still strong in numbers, but not a command structure, Roo was sworn in as Quater Master Roo Avery. Second only to Captain Blake himself. Never in the history of the Corsairs had a non Corsair been given such a position of power. And nor will it be repeated again.

    The Corsair Defence Force entered an age pure of terror and aggression. With Blake leading the attacks, and Roo the mastermind behind the smuggling operations, counterfeiting and extortion, there wasn’t a single man or woman alive that didn’t shake with fear when reading news reports of their exploits.

    Rumour had reached Roo that there was a band of Pirates that no longer wanted a non Corsair in power. No one could blame them Roo had thought. He made a final trip to Captain Blakes quarters where they sat up the night drinking and laughing at their exploits. By morning Roo was gone. He didn’t step foot on Cadiz for nearly 18 months after that night.

    It was 1 month after leaving Cadiz that Roo was seen. It was in Benny’s Bar in Freeport 9. Rumour has it, Roo was helping Benny out with some “Book Balancing issues”. Benny went from being in the red, to suddenly having a small fortune stashed away in a Bank on Luxury Liner Hawaii. No one knows how this happened, but Roo Avery certainly had something to do with it.

    Roo Avery eventually disappeared from Sirius for nearly 6 months. When he reappeared it was back working for SDI. People have speculated that Roo Avery has always been working for SDI, and when he was working for the highest bidder, and when with the CDF, he was merely undercover. Meaning his disappearance could of been for safety. Other’s have speculated that CEO Spectre had Roo working in the Gemini Sector where Spectre is rumored to have originally come from himself. Maybe he was there working on the “Centurion” a fighter that Spectre has been pumping resources into to have developed. Or maybe he was there on business. It matters not, as only Spectre and Roo will know what happened during those 6 months.

    Roo came back to SDI and took the position of Director of Marketing and Head of SDI Intelligence (another reason people speculate on Roo’s somewhat colorful past). Now back with SDI for more than 4 months, Roo has was Knighted in a secret ceremony held on Planet New Tokyo by THC Moradin and THC Hyperion. Now Sir Avery with estates on New Tokyo Roo enjoys far greater wealth than ever before.

    Sir Avery has also started his own Coffee Shop Franchise with the first “Roo’s Coffee House” now open on Freeport 9. With financial backing from SDI the franchise has taken off well. 20% of the profits made and all tips go directly to the Sirius Humanitarian Relief Fund whom SDI have always worked closely with on various projects. There are plans to expand the Franchise to Luxury Liner Hawaii, New Tokyo and New London in the coming months.

    Sir Avery is rumored to be married, although when and where his marriage took place and to whom is somewhat a mystery.

    Life is a cycle, as this man has proven. But life tends to also take unexpected twist and turns. Sirius is not known for being a “stable” place after all…

    Sir Avery continued to work for SDI, but no longer as out on the front line moving cargo. Avery was confined to private quaters on Hawaii and the office at INTEL HQ.

    SDI had been watching the Rheinland Goverment for a few months due to a tip off from the now ex CEO Spectre. They had been rumoured to hold a weapon that could do massive damage. SDI Intel, more precisely Roo was working along side Lord Nedelor to destroy this weapon. The SCC knew nothing of what Roo and Nedelor had been planning. Even Colonel Blackheart, up until recently, knew nothing of the close working relationship Lord Nedelor, Spectre and Roo had.

    Roo and Nedelor mapped out thier plan of action. Roo had for months been planting information in places so that key figures would do what was needed. Nedelor and Roo had manipulated a full scale assualt on Rhienland involving the extremist Chang, Colonel Blackheart and other key people. Many lives were lost during the assualt, and this included the life of Avery also.

    It has was confirmed by Nedelor that Roo had given his own life to ensure the destruction of Rhienlands secret weapon. However no reports of what this weapon was have been filed, and Lord Nedelor has refused to give details on the weapon.

    Sir Roo Avery gave his life to protect the citizens of Sirius, regardless of their beliefs, political stance or views on Sirius.

    With the death of Roo Avery, and the departure of Spectre, it was only days before Sirius Diversified, Inc closed it’s door and ceased trading.

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    Drifting towards the Freeport the computer terminal flashed into life. The operator’s fingers fired into action pushing buttons faster than most would be able too. The operator was wired on coffee and pep pills. His eyes had dark rings around them and bloodshot. His pupils where tiny. Faster he typed, and pushed the buttons on the terminal. Suddenly he stopped and sighed. A new message was flashing on his intercom screen.

    “Sir Avery, I see you are hovering again in places you are not welcome. Why is it you persist on following those who only wish their business to be private? I do sometimes believe you have a death wish. Whilst I do also admit, lady luck always seems to be smiling on you. Whenever we try to track you down and take you down, you always avoid us…somehow! Well my long time stalker, not anymore. You see, you may have tracked my agent to the Freeport, but you’re now stuck in this system. At every jump hole I have fighters sat and ready to finally blow your nosy little person into a million pieces. This time, your persistent spying stops. Enjoy Roo Avery.”

    Roo leaned back into his flight chair and sighed again. A sigh of despair mixed with a hint of boredom. He reaches into a breast pocket and pulls out a packet of Marlboro. He removes one and lights it up using a small pen like lighter from the same breast pocket. After another sigh, he puts the Corvette into reverse and backs his way into a gas field. Again he lets his fingers explode into action as he starts punching in instructions and coordinates into the ships systems.

    “Now, let’s see those pests keep track of me now.”

    Turning to the Intercom screen he sends a small message to SDI Intelligence. Once sent he kicks the engines into power and makes his way to check point one.

    The Corvette comes to a soft landing on the landing pad in Luxury Liner Hawaii. Roo carefully switches off the terminal. He reaches down under the terminal and flicks a small red switch. One light in the top right corner of the terminal flashes twice and then goes out.

    Voice over from intercom:

    “Roo, it’s about bloody time you where back. We have been waiting an hour to get this meeting underway. Get your sorry behind to the conference room. NOW.”

    Spectre’s booming voice died down and Roo sighed. He slips out of the flight chair and makes his way to the exit. On his way out he picks up his sandwich box left carefully by the exit.

    Halfway across the landing pad a boy, no more than 17 runs over to him and hands him a small piece of paper. On it is a scribbled a message. The boy suddenly starts babbling.

    “Thank the heavens your back Sir. It’s been crazy down stairs. The terminals have been receiving messages all day. It seems like all the rumours are true. We have reports coming in from all sides. THC, TFL Police. It’s true what you believed; DARK had been planning with KAOS. Omen is back……and….”

    “Stop boy. Its fine. We have no need to worry. KAOS have never been high on our priority list so don’t worry about a thing. I have discovered something slightly more important. Now do me a favour, take this lunch box back to my apartment and tell my wife the sandwiches where lovely. Make sure on the way you chuck the sandwiches in the trash, got it?


    Roo throws a wink at the boy and strides off in the direction on the Conference room put aside for the sole use of SDI.

    Roo enters the conference room and finds Spectre sat at the head of a long mahogany table. There are 4 seats and places laid out. Spankey occupies the seat closest on the right to Spectre, opposite what is Roo’s seat to the left. Next to Spankey sits Matsumoto and opposite Matsumoto sits Ravage…

    “Ravage, you back. Good to see you old chap.” Roo beams at Ravage as he takes his place on Spectre’s left.

    “Before we get this underway, does anyone mind if I order a coffee… man I’m fried…”

    A sigh comes from Spectre’s direction an obvious look of frustration.

    “Make it quick, we have been waiting for you.”

    Roo throws Spectre a sly grin and leans forward and pushes a small intercom.

    “Yes sir?”

    “1 black coffee, 4 sugars.”

    “Yes Sir Avery, right away”

    Spectre cuts in and starts to talk.

    “Ok guys, I am going to have to take some leave there are some things I need to get sorted and I wont be reachable until I’m back. Roo, you will take charge of SDI until I return. Spankey, are you able to fly yet?”

    “Not yet boss. Doctors reckon wont be long, a few days at most they predict.”

    “Ok, Matsumoto, you will take role of Chief of Security until Spankey returns, remember, I want cooperation with Roo, he will be updating our little KOS list and he will make the final decision on recruits until I return….”

    Roo lets out a long whistle; Spectre turns to him with piercing eyes.

    “And for God’s sake Roo don’t go employing Crusher or anyone else similar.”

    The 5 around the table burst out laughing as Roo’s coffee arrives bought in by the same lad that Roo was stopped by near the hanger bay. Spectre stands;

    “Ok gentlemen, if you could leave us now, I need to speak with Roo on other matters. I will see you when I’m back. Fly safe and good luck to all.”

    The 3 men stand from their seats and make their way to the door followed quickly by the young lad who bought the coffee in. Once the door is closed Spectre sighs and drops his heads to his hands. There is silence for a while, eventually Roo breaks it.

    “What’s really on your mind? Speak up man.”


    “Oh yippee… the man still talks in riddles. Come on, we have known each other for years now boss. What is it that is bothering you the most?”

    “…… The SCC, KWC, DD, STAB, everyone. It’s a bloody hornet’s nest out there. It’s about to explode in our faces and I’m not quite sure Sirius is ready. I was right with my prediction. Just look to KAOS, they are the new “Superpower”, they have HLF eating from their palm and they have hired DARK. Of course, if Omen had not of returned we may have seen a different DARK.”

    Roo remains silent, sensing Spectre is not yet finishes.
    “We have for years been there for Sirius, money has been spent left right and centre on helping different organisations start up. We have had our fingers in more Pies than a Baker. But yet even I can not clearly see a way out of this one…… basically, what I’m trying to say, is tread carefully whilst I’m away, things are fragile and a wrong move could mean a lot of damage to SDI. I am trusting to you look after it for me until I return. Promise me it will still be here.”

    Roo looks up from his coffee with a grin on his face.

    “Ha! Of course it will still be here. I’m too darn scared to ruin it for you. Damn, you will chase me until the end of the universe if I mess up.”

    Spectre smiles and stands from the table.

    “Good, now I have to get going, I have a transport to catch. Don’t go tracking me, I want some privacy for this.”

    Roo nods and let’s Spectre leave the room before he leans back in his chair and puts his feet up on the table. He takes out his packet of Marlboro and lighter from his breast pocket. A figure walks in from behind and stands waiting. Roo acknowledges the figure with a simple nod. The figure approaches and stands directly behind Roo. It leans across his shoulder.

    “You where supposed to be home days ago.”

    “I’m sorry darling, work has been made again. You know how it is. Come let’s head upstairs and have some dinner. I’m starving.”

    Roo stands and wraps his arm around his wife’s waist. And they make there way out of the conference room.

    Omicron Gamma:
    “Avery, you are late. You know this shipment was due to leave 5 hours ago. I have men waiting around because of you. I will have to report this to her Ladyship.”

    “Do as you please. Her ladyship knows where to fine me. Bother’s me not one bit my good man.”

    The KOAS supplies manager grunts and storms off towards his desk at the rear of the goods loading bay. He shouts at two loaders as he goes and they run to start loading the corvette that sits idly by.

    A young man enters the loading bay. The man walks whish his back tall and with a sense of superiority about him. Nemesis approaches Roo.

    “Roo, I see you’re late again. Temporal signalled in to tell me you had passed through the jump hole. I trust you are well?”

    “By that you mean, you hope your lap dogs HLF and DARK did not cause any serious damage whilst I was in Cambridge right?”

    “Well yes, again I am sorry. They like to hunt, and it does not matter what myself or Athena say, we cannot always stop them. But you have had no trouble from any KAOS Elite or pilots so you should be pleased.”

    “Yeah, right.”

    “Anyway, I must be going. It is good to see you Roo, take care out there, you never know what Pirates will be close behind.”

    Nemesis throws a grin in Roo’s direction and walks off towards to corridor.

    _“Screw you Nemesis, your mind games wont work. Your just angry I can come and go freely”[i/]

    “Sir, we have finished loading the crates in the secure hold. Your are ready to leave.”

    “Thank you.”

    Roo looks back to the supplies manager and makes an extravagant bow in his direction, sarcastically salutes and makes his way to his corvette. Once aboard he checks the secure hold hidden behind false panels in the cockpit and sleeping quarters. He makes his way to his flight chair. Leans down and flicks the switch under the terminal turning off the security devices designed to stop KAOS engineers looking to deeply into the ships files. Making himself comfortable he lights up a Marlboro and switches the Corvette into full power. Checking systems he plots his course, knowing he will be safe on auto-pilot until Omega 5. Once set, he sits back and lets the auto-pilot take over.

    Omega 5: Near Cadiz Base

    “SDI vessel this is BHG, we have been tipped off you may be transporting contraband through Bretonian space. We would appreciate you reporting to Planet Cambridge for a scan in line with DD’s restrictions placed on contraband trafficking. BHG out”

    Roo sits up in his flight chair and stretches. He had been dosing and his alarm clock wasn’t due to go off for another 10 minutes. He looks down at his scanners. His KAOS escort are gone. That’s not right. They should stay with him until he jumps to Cambridge, it is then that he is left alone to make it to New York. He tries to contact the escort leader on the Comm’s unit, but he gets no reply. A bad feeling comes over him as he opens a channel to the BHG pilot.

    “BHG, this is SDI Sir Avery, whom am I speaking with?”

    “Sir Avery this is Lost Child. Will you allow me to escort you to Planet Cambridge?”

    “Under who’s authority are you acting Lost Child. I do not believe BHG have been hired by DD and nor do I remember the SCC granting you permission to request cargo scans. So if you don’t mind I will be on my way.”

    “Avery, don’t be a fool. We know you are moving for KAOS and the Bretonian police are waiting and so are Liberty. Give it up.”

    “See you around Lost Child, and please be warned, do not tail me.”

    “Avery, its your funeral.”

    Roo sat up straight, quickly turned off the Auto Pilot and took full control of his Corvette. Looking at the scanner he spotted a small group of Corsairs leaving Cadiz, looking like they where on a patrol mission. Quickly Roo opened a channel to the Group Leader.

    “Corsair Leader, this is Sir Avery, whom am I speaking with?”

    “Sir Avery this Corsair Leader Delta12. Is that you Quarter-Master Avery?”

    “Yes it is, I, you may scan my Corvette for prove my friend. I need assistance, I have a Bounty Hunter looking for me. Any chance you guys could provide me some cover to make a run for it. I have a valuable cargo on board.”

    “Avery, you’re a friend of the corsairs, consider it done. We are on route to his location now. Good luck out there”

    “Thank you Delta12.”

    Roo pulls the corvette round and sets course for the Cambridge jump hole. If indeed the Police are waiting, it would not be near the jump hole. They would risk falling prey rogue pirates and Corsairs out for some fun.

    The slums of New York where always quiet on a Thursday, Roo always felt a pang of guilt. He knew why it was quiet, it was because he had 5 hours previously dropped off a shipment of Cardamine and right now he knew that it had beet cut and split and would now be travelling through the bodies of those he knew where sprawled out in their homes on the floor. He was helping to feed their addiction. He was helping to make New York as corrupt as it was back on earth, only know, it was a planet, not just a city. He was helping to make the Outcast Elders richer and helping to make Liberty defenceless as their citizens and even nobles and officials sat in “Cardamine Hot houses” with stupid childish grins upon their faces. He was helping to destroy peoples life’s….
    But this is what he was good at. He had started smuggling for SDI Black Ops when it was introduced. It had been the way he proved himself to the then SDI Operations team and managers, eventually attracting the notice of CEO Spectre himself. He had a perfectly clean record. He had managed now for all this time to not be caught once. Of course, there were individuals within the Navies and Law enforcement officers out there whom suspected him and where even hunting him, but none could catch him. It made him a valuable asset for a long time.
    When SDI closed down Black Ops, Roo was permitted to smuggle from time to time for select clients. But never had he smuggled Cardamine, he did not like this. His niche was Artifacts, and Weapons, from all over. There where rich nobles in all the Major House systems who ordered all manner of Alien Artifacts to be delivered, it had kept Roo busy, and in return for protection, Roo kept the Pirates supplied with Weapons. It worked like a well oiled machine. SDI moved legal goods for all the house navies, Spectre keeping them sweet by arranging stings on known smugglers from other organisations, all of this drawing attention away from Roo.
    But know he was considering going straight, either that or just working with Artifacts and Weapons. He was disturbed too much by what he saw, the damage Cardamine was doing to the people of the slums here in liberty._

  • Command and Compromise

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    Gemini Sector

    Spectre was sat at the desk in his office. He had spent the last few days shut away in his private residence. He feared the news Nedelor was due to bring him. Failure. But he feared success also. As success meant death of a friend.

    He looked out of the window and watched a “Centurion” come in for land on the grassy plain. His scientist had almost finished the work. He looked carefull at the one landing. It was the one for Avery. Both Avery and Spectre had designed custom ones for themselves.

    There was a knock at the door. “Enter”

    A figure entered, no talled than child maybe 10-12 years old. Yet this figure was fully grown.

    “A parcel for you boss Spectre”

    “Thank you, leave it on the table and you may go.”

    The creature left the parcel and disappeared. Relief, and dread spread across Spectre all at once. He knew what the box contained, he knew now how the mission had ended.

    Spectre stood and crossed to the table. He stood there for a moment, maybe longer, he was unsure. But after a time he began to open the parcel. He lifted the lid, and his heart sank. Inside where 4 items. A ornate carved knife. A bretonian tunic, a leather wrist slap and a sealed envelope. There was a note on the underside of the box lid.


    I retrieved these items for you. The Tunic and wrist strap where left in Averys Office. The knife i retrieved from his body.

    The envelope arrived at my personal residence 2 days ago. I have not opened it. It is addressed to you.

    I am sorry,


    Spectre stood a while. He turned to window and saw Roo’s ship launch for a second flight test today. He was dead. He had gone through with it, and now was no more. “For the good” he thought.

    He took the envelope and opened it. Inside was a picture and a small note.

    _Hey there boss,

    Smile you grumpy git. Bet you never thought I would be speaking to you from beyond the grave huh?
    I had Spankey send this to Nedelor should I successfully complete mission, resulting in my death. I know Nedelor would hjave passed this to you.

    I want to say only a few words boss. You were a friend and mentor. But more than that. The picture explains it all.

    Take care,


    Spectre put down the note and picked up the picture. He placed it in his top shirt pocket and left the room.