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    A belated Happy Birthday Freelancer!

    I tried to join every stream and event myself but I was very busy and still I am. Thank you @takashi9413 for representing me and thanks to all of you for hosting or joining our small celebration week, it was smaller than the last anniversary but it was fun, and remembered us once more that the community is strong and that the game is still one of a kind without a real successor.

    Let us grow to revive the big freelancer Community
    Let us prosper to enjoy the next 21 years full of great Freelancer Stuff
    Let us flourish to enjoy each other’s projects and content
    Let us never forget the past full of big memories this game gave us all

    Additional thanks go to…

    Our Streamer:
    o @Skotty
    o @Takashi
    o @Beagle
    o @TheKusari (and other Discovery event streamers) The Developers and Hoster of these great Events
    o @Haste / @generalretreat (Discovery)
    o @Takashi (21st / New Universe)
    o @Skotty / @caenen (Freelancer Sirius Revival)
    o @Volken (Homelancer)
    o @Laz(Chaos Mod)

    and once again Happy Birthday Freelancer our beloved space game!.

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    @Thaddeus It’s in the downloads here. Its save72z5.

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    Hi, i haven’t played since windows 8 debuted dunno how long ago that was.

    i’m familiar with discovery from back then, so none of that please

    just got back into, and am looking for a Vanilla SP mod that unlocks the other ships in vanilla, or maybe an early version of discovery.

    i’,m not looking to pokemon this with 1,000 new ships and 50 factions.

    any feedback would be nice.

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    Hello and sorry for bothering you again.

    We’re dealing with the issue of our clienthook DLLs tripping up Windows Defender as well as various antiviruses. None of our test-build DLLs were ‘accepted’ by all playtesters, and as the release of the next patch is drawing close, we’re running out of ideas on how to remedy the situation, especially since several major features are bound to clienthook code.

    Stuff we already tried (in various configurations):

    Blocking the memory hacking unless common.dll is loaded Enabling various optimizations to try and scramble the code enough to not trigger any virus signatures Disabling all optimizations Moving to a modern compiler (visual studio 2022) Moving to the oldest compiler we could find (Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition) Adding an .rc file containing various metadata, similar to what you’re doing with your DLLs

    We have never had such issues with DLLs compiled by you, so if at all possible, I’d appreciate any suggestions/wisdom you might regarding the matter.

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    Actually the main issue was happening due to not set the DNS settings properly. I reset the DNS settings first, then reinstalled the game. After doing this methods perfectly, the problem got solved. Now I am not getting any such kind of error while playing the game. I must say this article https://www.thewindowsclub.com/fix-the-roblox-error-code-403 helped a lot to identify the issue and resolved it.