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    I’m going to have another project taking up some time for the next week or two. I’ve confirmed that six vanilla extended weapons work, and have basic infocards done. There are no bases selling at the moment.

    Added appropriate bases for weapons, with rep and level consistent with standard Freelancer. Since no level 10 weapons are sold in-game, I set those to 0.7 rep and level 34.
    The one thing I have misgivings about is that the level 10 Corsair weapons wind up being a bit uberish for unmodded enemies - damage is in code weapon range, but with 4 refire and high efficiency.

    Zipped script.xml version

    I’m a fan of Creative Commons type licenses, but rather than add a license that’s longer than the mod:
    Feel free to reuse, modify, fold, spindle, or mutilate the data to your heart’s content. It’s pretty basic. If anyone wants to do a vanilla feel overhaul, what’s most useful is the information it’s based on.

    Automating weapons generation was overkill for this. When I’m free again, per IrateRedKite’s suggestion, I may put together some code to automate creating complete vanilla-based weapons lines (and in Python, yes - I’ll leave my preferred PowerShell toys at home, even if they do work great for blowing through data streams :} ).

    A major caveat is that as-is, it may not be useful for many people since using the level-based hardpoints isn’t as much of a thing. Other issues:

    major overlap in weapons families means the effect is minor. there are max about 4 levels of effect for each family of weapon, which means, depending on weapon, 3-4 levels will share the same effect. (This could be mitigated by rearranging the weapon effects a bit, so every faction’s neutron weapon effects look alike, for example?). and the biggest impediment: the weapons should get reasonable in-game presence: names, infocards, possible rumors and wreck distribution, etc. That’s the real significant issue. Creating the weapons lines is pretty mechanical, but making them into interesting game elements is where the real effort is.

    EDIT EDIT: I’ve changed naming scheme to make names more rational for what may be a somewhat sparse matrix of new weapons: the names are simply family-name_ level_ nn where nn is 2-digit level number.

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    I updated KraftFragment, it now contains @Venemon s latest offsets.

    EDIT: did some work on the json payload.

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