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    Glad to see that I helped to improve the wiki ! 🙂

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    Thank you all for your help. I switched to FLHook 3.1. There I found dsacesrv.dll in the assembly.
    Peace and good luck.

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    Seems i’ve found a dump of all the Starlancer textures online with reflection maps, shine maps and normal maps. Yay. Problems solved

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    Sure thing!


    [AttachedFX] nickname = fx_sun_ale particles = Sun_ale_eft


    [VisEffect] nickname = Sun_ale alchemy = fx\space\Sun.ale ; effect_crc = 3967695840 CRC is case sensitive! effect_crc = 103825916 textures = fx\smoke.txm textures = fx\missleeffect.txm


    [Effect] nickname = Sun_ale_eft effect_type = EFT_EQUIP_ATTACHED_INSANELY_LARGE vis_effect = Sun_ale


    [Loadout] nickname = magmaeater_load archetype = magmaeater equip = scalar_howitzer, HpWeapon01 (...) equip = fx_sun_ale, HpFx01


    [Object] nickname = Iw07_magmaeater (...) pos = 25050, -4300, 13250 Archetype = magmaeater loadout = magmaeater_load

    If you want to, you can add my 40 custom ales to your package.
    They are all finished and open source

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    I am aware that my thread(s) are all me begging people smarter than myself to investigate things for me, but uh:

    Explosions cannot be given a weapon_type for WeaponModDB purposes, meaning that something like interclass balance (in the case of Discovery) using shield resistances kind of falls flat the second you mix in a missile or flak-like weapon that uses explosion damage.

    I’d be interested to know if it’s possible for explosives to be capable of having a weapon type assigned, and if it is possible, how difficult it’d be.

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    Just noticed from your file paths you might be using the old svn version of FLHook.

    The newer FLHook is on Github:

    Should be easier to make the edit and compile.

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    seems to be wont work this way anymore…

    ... Marketgood = li01_01_base, gf6_package, 646000.00000, 0 Marketgood = li01_proxy_base, gf6_package, 646000.00000, 0 ... ```Or i missed something?
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    Still interested in obtaining this plugin, if anyone is interested in earning a little cash for the work. I’d be happy to discuss it further in PM if anyone is willing.

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    Erf, sad, even if the comments are only barely understandable, i’m sure, some of us can still “read” the code withtout the comments and understand it, for exemple, software developers can surely read it with ease XD

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    As long as i remember Zoners Universe and Freelancer Anarchy are fully compatible with HD.
    And yes, you may play others vanilla servers 🙂

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    hey, I added you to the skype group chat

  • A variety of tutorials posted, and reference posts. Many taken from Universal Modding.
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    You need to edit the NewCharacter.ini in Data, Characters and change the info in there

    nickname = new_player
    rep_group = co_ic_grp
    base = Li01_01_Base
    Package = ge_fighter
    Pilot = trent

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    PMs on the site don’t seem to be working for me. I don’t have anything in my outbox despite selecting stuff to go there. When I send a PM a black box shows up with the link to close the window, and when I do so, no PM is sent.