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    Regarding the SVN problem: My suggestion is to start the SVN server, check each repo out with git SVN brigde (e.g. Tortoisegit has it integrated right into the clone dialog) and then upload it as a git repo. You can have the full history from SVN this way. You just need to do this correctly. I have some SVN repos checked out as git repo just before it got shut down this way. But not all of them.

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    So, @Jos_Naabal and @Cellulanus in Discord has raised a point that The Order might have scanned Jacobi on Osiris after the rescue, which is possible.

    However, since Osiris is a stolen experimental vessel, it is also possible that the ship is not equipped with systems that allows it to perform health care service. Get cloaking to work is already hard enough and may consume a lot of space and power (claimed in rumours), a hospitals maybe just too extra to install for the experiment.

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    Hi @GalaCeir, welcome to the Starport!

    Something to try that might fit the bill here is the last release of Shattered Worlds: War-Torn. Most mods that are still active are fairly focused on multiplayer, new single-player content for Freelancer is pretty rare unfortunately!

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    Sweet thanks a ton! ill give them a try!

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    Actually the main issue was happening due to not set the DNS settings properly. I reset the DNS settings first, then reinstalled the game. After doing this methods perfectly, the problem got solved. Now I am not getting any such kind of error while playing the game. I must say this article https://www.thewindowsclub.com/fix-the-roblox-error-code-403 helped a lot to identify the issue and resolved it.