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    Regarding the SVN problem: My suggestion is to start the SVN server, check each repo out with git SVN brigde (e.g. Tortoisegit has it integrated right into the clone dialog) and then upload it as a git repo. You can have the full history from SVN this way. You just need to do this correctly. I have some SVN repos checked out as git repo just before it got shut down this way. But not all of them.

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    AI is just a Game or real useful tool?
    Let’s manage with it:
    Freelancer Game Assistant assistant inside of HuggingChat (registration is needed… ) https://hf.co/chat/assistant/66396e582ef93d9bd16ab5d6

    P.S. Some guys already making textures, upscaling existing content, voice acting Freelancer and etc.

    Share your working solution with TSP and get respect 🙂

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    Hi @GalaCeir, welcome to the Starport!

    Something to try that might fit the bill here is the last release of Shattered Worlds: War-Torn. Most mods that are still active are fairly focused on multiplayer, new single-player content for Freelancer is pretty rare unfortunately!

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    I finished beta 2.2: Download beta 2.2

    Example video: FLAR beta 2.2.mp4

    The focus was mainly helping modders and smaller improvements.

    Changes are:

    Added additional developer options window which allows you to reload textures within “FLARDATA\Textures” folder, reload shader, reload “materials.json” file, edit materials live and save the changes (see video for details) Screenshots are now saved as PNG Existing keyboard hook will now be recognized and handled accordingly (meaning no crash anymore) Offset hack for low resolution texture problem on some PCs is now applied on startup Minor shader cleanup

    Note: Texture preview for non power of two texture sizes does currently not work, as the GUI I use does not support it (will fix it later)

    To use the new developer options window you have to add the additional key bind “USER_RADAR” the same way as I described for the settings window in my first post.

    @Timmy51m Thanks 🙂 Let me know what you think once you checked it out!

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    Actually the main issue was happening due to not set the DNS settings properly. I reset the DNS settings first, then reinstalled the game. After doing this methods perfectly, the problem got solved. Now I am not getting any such kind of error while playing the game. I must say this article https://www.thewindowsclub.com/fix-the-roblox-error-code-403 helped a lot to identify the issue and resolved it.