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    Thank you so much Skotty,I assumed it was Sprague because it looked exactly like the one in extra video. I am 95% deaf and could not make out the name when Trent told Quintain i have your artifact the one Sinclair lost. Now i can make a correction. Thank you so much for letting me know this.

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    Hey Glock36

    Greetings from the TSP Event Manager my name is XxSARGExX and your mod has not been forgotten.

    On the Starport Discord, we are hosting an Event Series called “Regulancer”. This Series will take place each last full weekend of the month and we are doing server events, Showcasing, or Playing Mods, and streaming it live on YouTube or Twitch.

    We also hosted an Asylum51 Server for a short period to enjoy your mod ones again 🙂

    Sadly the full VOD is gone but I still have some funny clips from the event on Twitch

    Clip 01:

    Clip 02:

    there are more but these two were the fastes i could grab on

    you should check out the TSP Discord, we are putting lots of effort into reviving the Freelancer community and have achieved a lot this year

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    TNG weapon effects look very nice!

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    Maybe, but people wanting to try it might want to join. Doesn’t hurt to try.

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    Feel free to give any feedback and corrections for this.

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    omg! I really like your ship. She’s a junky beauty. lol 😄

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    We need more entries!

    Remember you have until this Friday to send your stories, so get going!

    May the best roleplay win.

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    Heavily recommend not turning the SecuROM driver back on. It was disabled for a reason: it’s a gaping security hole that hasn’t been patched in years.

    Use the no-CD instead, it’s a safer, easier way of doing it.

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    i get it worked ,nvm!